Becoming a Donor to the Collection

becoming-a-donor-1smI will never forget that particular exhibit label.  It was an old exhibit of shrunken heads, which were often on exhibit.  A small label next to the heads read:  “Donor of Shrunken Heads – Mr. Joe Smith.”*

Obviously, it was not Mr. Smith’s head! Mr. Smith just paid for the small exhibit to be developed!  Eventually that exhibit was removed, and rightly so. Still…

Speaking of collections, I had a special experience this past week.  While cleaning a cabinet I came across a coffee mug given to me by the Fossil Society of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, where I spent 13 years in a variety of capacities.  I was delighted to see it this anniversary mug. I cherished it and used it for many years. Now, it reminds me of my former office, my desk, my staff, my wonderful colleagues, the outstanding curators, the mind-blowing collections, and my friends.

But what would I do with it now?  It seemed selfish to use it once again.

I contacted Wendy Wasman, the museum’s librarian and archivist, and curator Dr. Joe Hannibal.  It turns out this coffee mug is not in the archives!  They want it!  What a thrill it is, all these years later, to be a contributor to the archives.  I will mail it soon.  They better watch out – I have boxes of documents, too!

– Jan

*Not the real donor name

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Wednesday, March 12th, 2014 donors, marketing, nonprofits

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