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Five Ways to Ensure You Won’t Have Enough Money

Museums and nonprofit places of learning have many constituencies. Often one particular target market becomes a priority because a sponsor steps forward not only with money but also with a desire to accomplish a specific project, with their name on it. Organizations often respond as they chase the money that is in front of them instead…
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Twenty Minute Tour – What Not to Do

Good day! Recently I was reminded how docents affect the success of historic homes, museums and tours, in general. One of the historic homes in California advertises a picnic (you bring your own) and a twenty minute tour of the house. With limited time, my friend and I decided to pick up sandwiches and take…
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Fund Raising is Hard!

Many of us serve on boards, manage boards, interact with board members, lead development programs, train volunteers on how to fund raise, and create a culture of giving and awareness with constituencies and staff members. Board members often lament (sometimes in private or sometimes in public): “Fund Raising is Hard!” That can indeed be the…
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Are We There Yet? Visitor Experiences and our Level of Effort

Sometimes it seems that museums and nonprofit destinations are grappling with the same issues, from year to year and over decades. The names of these issues have changed over time, but the intrinsic basis of them has stayed the same. One long standing issue is how we view visitors and those we want to “touch,”…
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What A 30 Year Arts Teacher Thinks About Field Trips

Artist Rick Delanty spent thirty-five years teaching high school art in San Clemente, California.  He collaborated with arts organizations, cultural centers and museums for most of his career. Years ago he started to plan exhibits of his students’ art outside of the school’s walls, before it was popular to do so.  Rick took his students…
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