What A 30 Year Arts Teacher Thinks About Field Trips


Artist Rick Delanty spent thirty-five years teaching high school art in San Clemente, California.  He collaborated with arts organizations, cultural centers and museums for most of his career. Years ago he started to plan exhibits of his students’ art outside of the school’s walls, before it was popular to do so.  Rick took his students to the Getty,  Los Angeles Museum of Art, Laguna Art Museum and others during his thirty-five year career, and  he continues to plan such trips for his private students.  We asked him to tell us why he thinks school field trips are important and to list the benefits that came to his students from these trips.

Rick wrote:

Field trips, for both children and adults, are about much more than just cultural literacy. The most obvious benefit is that they put students (or travelers) outside of their customary and accepted—eventually routine and ordinary—frame of reference, giving them an opportunity to “see the world anew.”

Trips give students a sense of “the larger picture,” how there are MANY people innovating, creating, living lives that are on the higher planes of contribution to society and using creativity for the enlargement of the mind and soul.

Field trips open the eyes of students to Possibility, directing them to think about ideas, improvements, inventions, the progression of civilized human advancement through the centuries, and even careers that—perhaps for the first time—appear within reach, and relevant to them personally.

Field trips are about relationships, not just history or “subject matter”—how the parts of civilization relate to one another, and how we are related to each of those parts.

Field trips are about trying on new ideas, stepping outside of the mundane, and learning that education goes on Et amerikansk roulette gir casinoet en garanti pa 5,26%, mens et europeisk bord, som ikke har 00, tilbyr spillere en mye bedre verdi 2,70%. beyond the classroom walls.

Thinking about “Lessons the Arts Teach,” by renowned arts researcher and educator, Elliot Eisner, I can also think of these benefits of participating in field trips:

  • During a field trip, a student learns that problems can have more than one solution, and that questions can have more than one answer.
  • Multiple perspectives can be celebrated, and not just oppose one another.
  • We learn that there are more languages than the one or two that we speak. People may even communicate with one another non-verbally.
  • It’s not only “okay” to have an opinion about what we see, it’s desirable.
  • Field trips help us to experience the range and variety of what we are capable of feeling.
  • Trippers may see something they may never see in any other way or place (you and I saw Hebrew manuscripts in the original at San Diego!)
  • A field trip to a certain place shows students what adults believe is important.
-Rick Delanty
Artist, 35 year high school art teacher, painting
and arts instructor, surfer, collaborator, nature
lover, philosopher. (www.delantyfineart.com)
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