Advantages of Jan McKay & Associates:

There are many professional consultants and businesses offering quality services. Some have been consulting for years and have impressive track records with scores of museums, cultural organizations and nonprofits as clients. They provide excellent customer service and offer solid recommendations and plans for their clients. We do the same.

Jan McKay & Associates may have some advantages:

  1. We’re new… with recent, real-world experience.
    We understand what you’ve been going through.
    We’re cost effective.
  2. When we start a project, we first evaluate your needs and the scope of the project. All organizations have their own culture, history and challenges. We understand. We’ve been there. We then choose the most appropriate Associates for your organization’s needs. (See our Pledge) This means we don’t automatically take pre selected employees. You get a custom group of professionals tackling the project, together with your organization, to create a custom solution.
  3. We work WITH you, our client. YOU are the experts on your organization. Our recommendations come after solid listening, dialogue, and a lively exchange of ideas.
  4. Jan McKay & Associates’ approach has an external focus. It is not just enough if the solution pleases the board, staff or volunteers. Solutions will have positive ramifications in building and enhancing your organization’s reputation and image to niche constituencies, and in a perfect world, to the donor and the “public.”
  5. Jan McKay & Associates respects best practices in our industry, but we recognize that in an ever changing landscape, best practices change into better practices with fresh thinking. The blend of Associates and their unique talents will bring some fresh perspectives.
  6. Don’t expect rehashed solutions from past clients, which could happen… There are plenty of fantastic consultants out there, so investigate. Just know that we make a pledge to you.
  7. Dogmatic recommendations don’t live here. One advantage of hiring Jan McKay & Associates is that we bring objectivity and respect to our clients.
  8. We help our clients see the forest from the trees…and that the trees are often different colors…and that sometimes the tree is not a tree!

From planning to social media, from marketing to fund development and public engagement, from exhibition planning to publishing – we would like to help. See the Pledge we make to our clients.


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