Mike Wood

As a film producer and internet and media expert, Michael Wood has helped clients double their income while creating strong two-way online communications for his clients. Mike’s youthful approach and knowledge of the new world of communications blend nicely with Jan McKay & Associates’ professional experience. He understands the way the web is used and how to program to gain success, using online resources. And, he takes every advantage of this for his clients.

Mike knows how to balance creativity with communication, marketing goals with branding tactics, and, effective online sales with elegance.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production from the highly regarded Chapman University in Orange, California, Mike is armed with experience to create online marketing methods that take advantage of video, social media, and search engine optimization. He shares his love of media development, creativity and marketing strategies with his clients through his own company, Omikron Media LLC and with Jan McKay & Associates.

“I am thrilled that Mike has become an Associate,” said Jan McKay. “He demystifies the new technology for us and points us to the truth about its use and potential. He is a real asset to our clients.”

Mike has worked with Earthbound Media Group to develop award-winning projects for college institutions such as Loma Linda University and the NYU School of Dentistry. When he isn’t tweaking online copy, marketing and graphic pieces or video copy for his clients, Mike works on his screenplays and own video art.

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